Will a weight loss plateau go away on its own?

Should I do anything about a weight plateau? And if I don’t, how long will it take to lose weight again? The answers are more important that you might think.


Will a weight loss plateau go away on it’s own? Yes it certainly will.

Should you do anything to help to break through it faster? OMG No! You should DEFINITELY not.

It’s going to take three to six weeks, depending on your program – but hurrying this will make things bad for you.

Do not be tempted by the urge to rush through a weight loss plateau

It’s going to damage your metabolism and freak your body out further.

Besides, if you are in a hurry, you are doing it wrong.

What? Did you think that when you hit your weight target that you can stop dieting and suddenly go back to your pre-diet habits when you hit your weight target?

“Yay, finally my dieting is over now that I hit my weight. I can eat 39,000 calories a day now.”

Of course not.

The reality is that you will go from 1600 to 1900 calories, or whatever (you will find a “maintenance” intake level.

Is this level going to be all fun and games with endless portions of cake? No. You are still doomed to a life of suffering and restriction EVEN after you reach your target.

“Big freakin deal”, I say to your calorie difference when you finally hit your target. It’s not that much of a difference from what you are doing now.

It’s still worth it, I must add. Being at your target is awesome. But it’s going to feel a lot like it does right now while you are on your diet. It’s not going to be much different.

So keep eating your current daily target calories and don’t worry about it. Ignore the plateau.

If you don’t ignore it, the problem is that your body has a “lizard brain” that thinks it’s going to starve tomorrow, so it’s always totally freaking out on you. We’re talking some serious stress here.

Obviously, weight loss is healthy, but the stress on your body during the weight loss plateau is unhealthy and even dangerous.

In addition to being unhealthy, increasing a calorie deficit now is only going to mash up your metabolism even more.

So be patient – don’t make it worse. There’s no hurry.

weight loss plateau

How long will my weight loss plateau last?

This depends on your body and your program, but the simple answer is three to six weeks.

Yes, I know that this messes up your goal of getting down to bride’s maid’s weight (I’m talking to them men reading this. Just kidding. Sort of.), but that’s going to be OK because if you hit a plateau, that means you’ve done a great job and suffered through a long and slow road already. And you are probably looking pretty fly.

Am I right?

When you first started “losing weight” and exercising, you actually gained weight (but you looked better). Remember that? Then you lost some weight (and you looked slightly even better than when you first started working out), now you are stuck (and you are still looking pretty good as compared to here you started.

Good job.

Just go out there and rock it.

Your lizard brain and metabolism will come around soon enough, and then you’ll have even more to rock.

But if you hurry – you could suffer health problems and/or screw up your metabolism for even longer. In most cases, this results in looking worse than before you even started. How do you rock that? You can’t.

Settle in and enjoy your active time and your current calorie intake. Your weight loss plateau will last a while, but not forever.

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