Why We Can’t Stick with Our Diet Plans

Most of us are great at planning our diets and telling ourselves how different “it’s going to be this time”. So why do we so often fail?

It’s not willpower.

Why we can’t stick to our diet plans

So if we are such good planners, then why are we so terrible at following through?

It’s because life throws a variable environment at us that we can’t predict. These triggers are external to our plans.

For example, you start a diet. Things are going well. There’s no way that you will not hit your target this time.

Then your husband comes home with your favorite homemade cookies he got from a co-worker. There goes your diet.

why we cant stick to our diet plansNext, you end up at a child’s birthday party, you didn’t have a chance to eat your last meal, and they are serving “fresh-out-of-the-oven” yellow cake with homemade frosting.

You can smell how fresh it is.

Diet still not on track.

In the following week there is a work function. You find yourself at a super expensive and five star all you can eat prime rib and shrimp buffet, and the desert bar has a chocolate fountain the size of Mount Fuji. Diet plans? Officially obliterated.

Then, the holidays roll around. Then, it’s your birthday.

You get the picture, I’m sure.

My point is that it’s always a trigger that is tied to your environment, and it is generally something that is not predictable.

You can’t plan for what you don’t know is coming, so when the inevitable diet–killing surprise trigger rolls around, you’re screwed.

Again and again.

How to plan your diet for the unexpected

You can’t really, other than to know that the unexpected, though you don’t know what it will be, is right around every corner.

What you CAN do is tell yourself officially that you will not break your diet when the unexpected hits.

Importantly, you need to be more self AWARE when you are in that inevitable situation that wrecks your diet plans.

If you can recognize it when it comes, and if you are already committed to dealing with it, now you can finally have success in thwarting it off and sticking to your plan.

For example, when the spouse brings home the goodies, politely thank them but say, “I very much appreciate you thinking of me, but I promised myself I would stick to my diet even if special and unexpected came up. So thanks for being so thoughtful, but please don’t be offended if I don’t eat any.”

At the office buffet, one small slice of steak, 3 or 4 shrimp, lots of yummy veggies, and a small bowl of fruit for desert. Who needs those heavy carbs and that sugary crap anyway. It’s so unsatisfying right after you are done eating it.

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So are you ready for the unexpected this time?

What are YOUR unexpected diet killers?

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