Nutrition for Weight Loss

Having trouble with losing weight and keeping it off?  Nutrition is often the missing link when it comes to fast and effective weight loss.

Warning: Please check with your physician before altering your diet. With some health conditions, a change in diet can cause dangerous health conditions and can even be fatal.

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Nutrition for Weight Loss – The Missing Link

Losing weight is both simple and complicated at the same time. Most dieters know the obvious: less calories plus more activity equals weight loss.

The odds of being able to realistically apply this formula to real life, however, is not so simple.  Just a few missing concepts and the chances of sticking to a diet will prove impossible.

I know, because like so many dieters, I’ve failed many times.

One thing I can tell you is that if you do not pay attention to nutrition, then it will become extremely unlikely that you will be able to lose weight and/or keep the weight off in the long term.

Counting calories is good – but you can’t just stop there. You must pack your calories with extreme nutrition to be successful with weight loss.

Why Good Nutrition is Required for Weight Loss

Hunger control, body function, brain power, and your immune system are all required to be successful with your diet.

Appetite Control

If you get your calories from garbage-like food, you will be hungry and lack energy. Not only will you mentally crave more calories, but your body will demand it from the “cave man/woman lizard brains” of ours (we all have them). Have you ever tried to fight this part of your brain? It doesn’t work. Period.

“Brain Food” and Will Power

nutrition and healthWill power absolutely and critically depends on a steady and moderate supply of glucose to the brain. When this spike in either direction, we are at our utter worst as human beings.

Your diet will be the second thing to go, that is, after your spouse goes running to get away from your grouchiness.

Without lots of stability in glucose to the brain, you have little hope of simple things like “keeping your opinions to yourself when you know you might hurt someone’s feelings” or “controlling your anger”.

Weak will power is the downfall of dieting, we all know that, but do we understand why we lose willpower? Case studies suggest that it’s mostly about glucose.  Check out this publication from the US National Library of Medicine (opens in a new tab).

Body Functions

Any weight loss will not last unless all of your bodily functions and organs are working well and working together in synergy. Each vital organ plays a big part in your physical comfort, feeling of well being, and digestive operation. Good nutrition is the key to getting the body to work correctly and to respond to a diet lifestyle that is both healthy and lower in calories.

Would you lose weight if you ate ten plain crackers each day and nothing else? For a little while, you would, yes.

The problem here, however, is that your body will not “let” you do this. You will have uncontrollable cravings for nutrition until you faced the unavoidable breaking point. What’s worse is that now you lack the nutrition to properly handle the incoming binge.

It is inevitable that you will end up gaining weight when faced with this situation. You will gain this weight in some pretty ugly places too – as nutrition plays the key role in fat distribution.

Nutrition is Your Body’s Engineer

Nutrients are also what “tells” you body where to put things. We have all seen very oddly shaped overweight people. The culprit here, besides some genetics going on, is that when a body lacks a good engineer, the train (the fat) rolls down the track without guidance.

Just one example would be the nutrient “chromium”. This nutrient helps to regulate glucose. Bodies with really big bellies tend to be insolent resistant. Without chromium to reduce  these levels, the belly keep on growing.

Again, that’s just one example. There are hundreds of critical nutrients that work on all part of the body when it comes to metabolism, digestion, and overall health. The more nutrients that you pack into your food – the better.

This has a multiplying effect on your health and ability to lose weight and to stay at a target weight. It really is all about nutrition.

How to Add Nutrition to Your Diet to Maximize Weight Loss

nutrition for weight lossDon’t just count your calories. Only eat foods that are LOADED with healthy vitamins and minerals. No “empty” food! The more loaded the better. If you are going to eat 2000 calories today, make them the most nutrition-packed 2000 calories you have ever ate.

How much “processed” food do you eat? What I mean by processed is is food that is not 100% natural. A lot I bet. That’s your problem. This is why you can’t lose weight and stay skinny, assuming that you are always trying to follow a sensible diet.

Eliminate industrialized foods like white bread, corn syrup, artificial flavoring and sweeteners, processed cheese, potato chips, white rice, most dairy, and all other “fake” foods from your diet completely. 90% of the grocery store is a pile of junk engineered by Wall Street.

Replace them with fruits, vegetables, and super foods – like beans, brown rice, whole grains, high quality nuts like almonds, pineapple, eggplant, broccoli, etc. Check out this post I wrote about picking out super healthy bread.

Extremely healthy foods also include salmon, apples, avocados, carrots, oranges, walnuts, cauliflower, oats, sweet potatoes, spinach, cabbage, kale, eggplant, grapefruit, papaya, quinoa, etc.

Basically, if it’s a whole and unprocessed grain, a fruit, or a vegetable, you can’t go wrong.

By the way, what’s up with the Grapefruit? How did they name that one? It looks nothing like a grape. What was it 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon at the fruit naming office when they had to come up with an idea for that one? I don’t get it.

How to Start Eating Nutritionally for Wight Loss

The trick here is not to change everything at once. Just replace one thing at a time. Soon you will have a habit of eating super intensely nutrition-packed food as you calories. THAT is one of the keys to significant and sustainable weight loss.

Do you have anything to share about your experienced with nutrition and weight loss? Please leave a comment.

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