I was skeptical, but a Chiropractor REALLY Helped my Back Pain

I always kind of thought that all chiropractors were “quacks”, and that having someone wrenching on my back would be painful and even damaging. Not True! At least not in my case.

Do chiropractors really help?

If you would have asked me before I had success with one, I would have thought that the chances of one actually helping me would have been slim. I have always thought that chiropractors were mostly a gimmick, trying to make money off of people’s wants and needs for a less painful life.

It’s not that I thought that they themselves didn’t believe in their work – it was more of a thought that the entire chiropractic industry was built around making profit from false hopes, like so many of these “we can help you” industries are.

Turns out I was dead wrong.

My own experienced clearly proved to me that not only do (some) chiropractors help, but one completely fixed my desperate, long-lasting, and painful situation where my conventional specialist sports medical doctors could not.

Let me also mention that I have absolutely NO AGENDA for writing this blog post. I don’t refer people to chiropractors and get a commission or anything like that. I am SOLELY writing about my experience so others can perhaps benefit and because I enjoy blogging about my experiences as a hobby and no other reasons.

Some chiropractors or chiropractic theory might be harmful

My story is great news to those seeking help and pain relief, but I would still be cautious about believing everything a chiropractor (or any doctor) tells you. I’m sure there are plenty of bad chiropractors out there, and plenty that are just looking to make money off of your desperation.

There are controversial beliefs out there in the chiropractic field, such as that babies need adjustments form the physical trauma at birth. There are also case studies out there that show chiropractic medicine can do more harm than good.

My advise is to read through my article (and all other articles) with your common sense “filters” on.

This should be true of any news story or internet page that you watch or read.

My story – severe pain – conventional medicine not helpful

I’m a surfer. Since I live in Hawaii, surfing for me is a way of life, and I surf nearly every other day. I’m also a tax practitioner. I sit at my desk and stoop forward to see tax returns and computer screens all day long.

I’m not sure which of these activities messed up my back (or if it was from either of these things) but I can tell you that for whatever reason I was in extremely bad shape.

By that I mean in pain. REALLY bad back pain.

It was just inside of my right shoulder blade. It was a throbbing and relentless pain that was ruining my life. If you have been through, or are going through, back or nerve pain then you know what I mean. This went on for about two to three years.

Through the whole experience, I saw several doctors. I received lots of drugs, including dangerous and potentially unhealthy ones like muscle relaxers, pain killers, steroid shots, etc. NOTHING helped, except one such pharmaceutical put me in the hospital from an adverse reaction.

I told my chiropractor specifically NOT to “wrench” on me

I was so desperate, I finally went to a chiropractor that I knew from a karate group that I practiced with.

When I first went to his office, I told him that I would not allow him to grab my neck and pull on it violently, or even moderately. That if he did I would be very upset with him and that if that’s what he needed to do then just never mind. He patiently assured me that he could help me without such violent antics, and that what I was describing is not a big part of chiropractic medicine anymore.

So he went to work to find the problem.

He was like “move this here, move this there, how far does this extend”, and so on. He confidently concluded that my “ribs” were out of adjustment with my muscles.

In the industry they simply referred to this as a “rib”. I don’t know much about chiropractic theory, but the way I understood it, it was similar to some sort of dislocation of the shoulder, but in the rib cage. I don’t know. He said that it would take a few visits, but he was 100% sure that he could help and fix my problem.

“Suuuuure, I thought sarcastically, that’s how they get your money”.

But I was so desperate that I agreed. It DID actually seem as though my rib was sticking out a bit asymmetrically, I remember.

The treatment

For the remainder of the visit, he did what seemed like very little. He used a silly roller thing on me, made me move around on a big ball on the floor, and he used a metal adjuster thing that made a barely noticeable “tap tap” as he “adjusted” me.

He also had me lie face down and he pushed lightly in the middle of my back a few times. It didn’t seem like he was doing crap, to be honest, and I was still suffering from incredible pain.

On the third or forth visit, he said “OK, I’m going to push just a little harder for a second, OK?”

I was like, “sure”. I was still thinking that it was all a waste of time (and money), but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or be impolite.

So this time he pushed down more moderately. He must have hit some spot because for a split second I couldn’t breath and I was nauseous. When I left and during that evening I was even in more pain, and I was cursing him and the entire chiropractic industry.

“What a bunch of bull@#$%”, I thought. “Now I’m even more messed up.”

The next day, however, I felt relief from the added pain of that visit, and it seemed like I even felt a bit better overall. By the second day I felt MUCH better, and after one more visit, I was completely cured!



Sure enough, thanks to this chiropractor, I haven’t had back pain in years now


I still surf and I still do taxes, but it has been perhaps 4 year since this experience I have not felt ANY back pain. He was right. It was a “rib” after all, and sure enough, he was able to mildly adjust it back in place and it fixed the condition completely.

Never again will I call chiropractors a bunch of “quacks”. In fact, this one helped me with this severe problem where traditional MDs could not – and they even did some harm to me.

Can a chiropractor help you?

I can’t promise you that. All I am saying is that one clearly helped me. If you can’t find relief anywhere else it might make sense for you to seek help from one. As a disclaimer, of course, you do so at your own risk.

Have you had terrible experiences with pain? What have you tried? Have you had success or failures with chiropractors? Please leave a comment. I appreciate that.

Research more about this subject here.

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