I Eat, I Cough, Then I Can’t Breathe Because My Throat Closes

Do you experience symptoms of coughing and then not being able to breathe – typically showing up after you eat? You’re not alone. Check it out.

Throat Closing, Coughing, Hard to Breathe After You Eat

A little while back I had a cold or a mild flu.

It really wasn’t too bad.

Maybe a slight fever for one or two nights. Then it mostly went away – until it turned into a cough.

This cough started out with me feeling miserable about ti, like most coughs do – but then things got bad. I couldn’t stop coughing. I hardly slept for about 10 days. It was perhaps the worst ten days of my life.

Then the cough faded – but it left behind 4 months of a new symptom – my throat closing up after I coughed to where I couldn’t breathe.

This would happen especially after I would eat or drink. If the drink was cold, it would be a bit worse. If the food was spicy it was certainly much worse.

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing these symptoms, please see your physician right away or go to the emergency room. I am not a doctor. I’m just sharing my own experience and opinion.

Whooping Cough – the 100-day Cough

I really think it was pertussis or “whooping cough” though my doctor strongly disagreed.

eat cough cant breatheHe said my spasms were just from being sick and he sent me to a specialize to get scoped (my voice was horse, I used to smoke years ago, and I’m almost 50 years old). He thought it might be something sinister, I suppose.

The scope came back negative and my doctors pretty much told me to “stick it out” and “deal with it”.

“OK”, I thought, “no problem”. It seemed like it was slowly getting better and it turns out it was.

I still think it was whooping cough.

How to Deal with the Lasting Cough and Not Being Able to Breathe

I think the worst parts about the cough were both the “not being able to breathe” and “how long it lasted”.

The Chinese call this the “hundred day cough”. Mine lasted about 120 days. It even lingered very mildly for another 60 days or so past that.

In my opinion, the trick to dealing with the “not being able to breathe” part was to just relax and not try to breath for a bit. If anything I would try to breathe OUT a little before I would try to get air. Then I would very slowly try to draw a breath through my nose. This helped a bit.

There is comfort in company. If you are experiencing this and your doctor is not helping much, I want you to know that it will likely fade slowly with time. Please share your experience in the comments as this helps others. We appreciate that.

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