How to Start Losing Weight for Beginners

How to start losing weight for beginners.

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This guide is meant for beginners. If you are looking for something more advanced, please check out our Healthy Weight Loss Guide.

I am going to provide some simple weight loss truths that will change your life and make you a happier and healthier person.

how to start losing weightThe “how to start losing weight” program is all about the total diet, health, and fitness beginner.

Are you ready? I am. This is a special moment for us. It makes me excited to think about how happy a person will be when they start making these simple and enjoyable changes.

One thing first – you must check with a physician to make sure that you are ready to change your diet and exercise routine. In some cases this can lead to serious health complications and can even lead to death. Ask your doctor how much physical activity is correct for your personal situation. Make sure he or she agrees with your proposed diet plans as presented on our site.

With that said – let’s jump right in. Here we have a summary of what a beginner should do as they approach a healthy weight loss plan.

How to Start Losing Weight

Let’s knock out the easy items first…

Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water help you to lose weight. It also benefits you in too many ways to list. It’s been proven by case studies that when you drink water before a meal, that you will eat less.

Also, drinking enough water ensures that your body functions will have the hydration that they need to work properly.

Just be sure not to overdue it, however, as there is such a thing as water toxicity. Too much water too fast can actually poison your system and can even be fatal.

Stop Drinking Soft Drinks (a.k.a. soda)

If I had only one thing to say about starting to lose weight, health, and diet – this would be it. Soda is SO not worth the calories. Diet soda is SO not worth the chemicals that you are putting into your body.

Soft drinks are making us unhealthy and overweight. You don’t need them and you will feel great without them.

How to Start Losing Weight – Change One Bad Habit at a Time

You may be eager to start, but do not set yourself up for failure by trying to change too many things at once.

Start with one item and take a week or so to ingrain the change as a healthy new habit.

Don’t overwhelm yourself or start too impulsively. It is true that these types of starts lead to crashing and burning, and you may end up less healthy as a result.

Click here to read about why we do not stick to our diet plans.

Stop Eating White Bread and Other Refined Carbohydrates

Processed wheat, rice, and other grains often contain less nutrients than it takes to properly digest them.

Eating them is thus like taking a “the opposite of a vitamin”.

Unfortunately this industrialized processing of grains is everywhere, and you may have to start by eliminating specific situations until you cover nearly all of them. Start slow.

Check out my full article on the Healthiest Bread for Weight Loss (opens in a new tab)

Fried food is also EXTREMELY unhealthy and bad for weight loss, especially french fires (I’m sorry to say this – because I love fried food). Read more here.

Fried food is also terrible for your health and for weight loss. Click here to read more about that. 

Take a Daily Vitamin

Check with your doctor first, but this is an easy and reasonably effective fix to some unhealthy problems and habits that many of us face.

Avoid Mindless Munching

You will not lose weight and be healthy if you eat without thought.

Do you ever finish your food, feel depressed that it is gone, and regret not even thinking about eating it? I do. It sucks.

Avoid this one by paying attention to your food and your body while you eat ANYTHING and everything. This sounds easy, but it is not, I feel you.

How to Start Losing Weight – Get Moving

start losing weight by walkingDo you want a piece of candy after lunch? Take a walk to the mail-room (or mailbox) instead.

Every hour, stand up and move around for 10 minutes.

Check with your doctor first but plan to start a walking program. There is a whole world out there of early evening walkers, you know. Get out these and go people and pet watching. Join this happier world.

Check out my article on walking exercise benefits. The advantages of walking are amazing.

Also see our beginning treadmill programs with charts to help you reach your goals. Click here.

If you do this and you suddenly notice things like, I don’t know maybe….. trees, birds, people, the color of the sky, you may have an aha moment and it may be very exciting. If you experience this please leave a comment.

Another trick you can do is to not look for a close parking spot. Park toward the end of the lot and enjoy the stroll out-doors when weather permits.

Get a Reasonable Amount of Sleep.

You’ve all heard this one before. Blah blah blah – but they’re right. The body needs sleep to lose weight and to be healthy.

Sit Up Straight

Good posture is healthy for many reasons but it also burns calories and builds muscle. I struggle with this one as I get older and I will be looking in to ways to remind myself to do this.

I know I’m supposed to be the guide here, but, if you know of any good tricks to keep good posture, please let me know. Thanks.

Consider Passing on Unneeded Pharmaceuticals

First off, if your doctor says you probably need it, then by all means, listen to your doctor! If you don’t take something you might need, you may experience complications or health problems which can even be serous or fatal. My official advice is to take everything.

But if your doctor clearly says it is optional, I would choose to skip it. That’s just me and you are fully responsible for your own decisions when it comes to deciding on which medications to consume.

In my opinion, however, many unneeded pharmaceuticals will have adverse effects on your overall health and may hinder your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

How to Start Losing Weight – Don’t Finish Other Peoples Food at the Table

Was your portion big enough? It probably was. I’m guessing “too big to begin with”, to be blunt. Portion sizes at most restaurants are totally out of control. Don’t make it worse.

So stop there with your own portion. You can shave a LOT freaking of calories this way. Don’t eat off of your spouse’s or children’s plates if you are truly not still hungry.

I know wasting food is a sin, but then so is not treating the body like a temple.

Understand the “what the heck effect”

Willpower researchers have proved that once someone eats a little too much, they tend to eat WAY too much.

I’m like this at golf. Once I flub a chip I stop trying so hard to get the ball back on the green and in the hole. I’m like “screw it”. I always regret that later when I am neck in neck for strokes with my buddy on the last hole. Every stoke counts.

Same should go for your eating lifestyle. Did you already overeat a little bit at dinner?

OK, it’s not the end of the world, but stop there and don’t make it worse.

Remember that it is very much human nature to make it worse. Our brains tend to get discouraged easy and give up at this point for some reason.

Maybe I should research this some more.

How to Start Losing Weight – Today, We Are Skinny

Think positive and realize that there is no instant gratification in striving to be more healthy. Do you best and don’t be too hard on yourself when you fail. Just go back to the list and keep at it.

If you mope around like an overweight person, you are telling the world that you are overweight.

If this is true then how are you going to show the world (and most importantly, yourself) that you can be a healthy and on target-weighted person if you tried.

Act like a skinny person today. Then it will resonate within your world until it is so.

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