How Long Until My Website Starts Getting Traffic and How to Speed it Up

You are tired of reading “it depends”, right? Well I have some reasonable answers for you. Check it out.

Unfortunately, most new bloggers quit because they are not prepared for the level of commitment it actually takes to succeed and how long of a wait this is really going to be. You really have to put in a lot of work and time before you start receiving positive feedback.

So how long and how much work?

It takes six months to a year of consistent blogging before your new website starts to see any real traffic

This statement assumes that you are writing consistently and that you are starting from scratch with a new domain and without links from established sites.

If you are writing 500 to 1000 words every day, and your content is reasonably decent, you will realize traffic growth from most topics in about 6 months.

If you are writing 1000 words per week, it could take a year or even a bit longer.

Can I trust this information? What about all of the other variables?

You can mostly trust the above as a general rule of thumb, but I’ll be honest, there are many variables that can affect this timeline.

Some blogging topics are notoriously hard to crack, such as blogging about SEO, blogging about blogging, physical health, weight loss, and review-type sites for investment brokerages and credit card sales. If you are blogging in a highly competitive and corporate niche, be prepared for a longer wait time until you see any decent traffic growth.

Other areas might see faster success, especially local interests.

For example, I am a tax professional and I practice in Hawaii. I started blogging about Hawaii General Excise Tax. Eight posts and two months later I was the online authority in this area. The traffic I receive from this is somewhat limited, but it is a decent stream of traffic none the less and it has drawn in natural links that has empowered other topics on that website.

How to speed up the long wait for traffic to come to your blog posts

how long until website traffic growthFind a very small and relatively empty “side niche” that is interesting to you – even if it means an extremely limited long-term flow of traffic. It could be about your local surf spot, or maybe about the traffic in your local area. Do you like yellow golf balls over white ones and can you write 5 to 10 pages of content about the advantages, disadvantages, and comments you get about using them? Go for it.

Have you heard of the term “long tail keyword”? Well, I don’t really like keyword research as I prefer just to write for my readers, but what I want you to go after are some “long tail topics”. There’s got to be some sort of corner-of-the-web topic that you know and would like to write about.

This will increase your traffic quickly and make it less likely that you quit before seeing any meaningful traffic growth. In will increase your confidence and, if you write some decent content, it will attract legitimate links to juice up your other topics and get them faster traffic growth as well. Then you’re finally off to getting traffic (and getting paid) for your legitimate efforts.

See our guide to blogging and creating websites for profit.

Give it a shot. If you find success, please leave a comment.

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