Healthy Lunch Foods for Weight Loss

Lose weight with these healthy lunch food ideas. Check it out.

Lose Weight with These Awesome Healthy Lunches

One of my major lunch staples is the organic almond butter and natural jelly sandwich on 100% organic and non-GMO whole wheat bread. Once again, big grocery outlets like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Whole Foods are your friends here.

You can get almond butter with a total of “one ingredient” and natural jelly which will have about three ingredients. Look for the most organic 100% whole wheat bread with the least ingredients possible, too.

These sandwiches are very “workable” in that they are not expensive, super healthy, low in calorie, can last a long time outside of the refrigerator, packed with nutrition, and will keep you satisfied for a long time.

If one of these sandwiches is not enough food for you, consider a banana or a super healthy (health food style) organic soup to go with it. I like them cold – a super cold and juicy fresh orange is an amazing meal accompaniment.

Tortillas for Lunch and Weight Loss – Many Possibilities

Another winner is a vegetarian refried bean tostada with mozzarella cheese that is totally growth hormone and antibiotic free.

healthy lunch ideas for weight lossTake two non-GMO, non-processed corn tortillas. Add some vegetarian re-fried beans, a handful of cheese, and a few drops of Tabasco sauce.

You can prepare this in advance and wrap it in aluminum foil. I just close it up like a sandwich or a quesadilla because it’s hard to deal with at my desk when it is open-faced.

Heat this up in a toaster oven and you will have a power-packed super food lunch that tastes really good too.

The next thing you might try is to do a Google search “refried bean tostada”,  select “images” and your lunch tostada ideas will quickly expand far from my original recipe above.

Roasted Vegetables for Lunch – Easier than it sounds

The other day I planned a little bit in advance and baked some fresh eggplant and mushrooms in fresh garlic and olive oil. The next day I made a sandwich with them and added avocado and alfalfa sprouts.

It was so good! I made some for my co-workers and some of them loved it.

Others were kind of disgusted at first, I could tell, but now they are asking me about healthy foods.

Lunch Foods to Avoid

Just like with any meal, whatever you decide, avoid fast food and processed foods for lunch.

Certainly do not eat fried foods or french fries.

So many people in western society are overweight because so many of us eat food like these for lunch.

Skip cold cuts and processed meats as well, because of the processed meats contain nitrates and those have been proven to be sinister. Nitrates are additives that corporations so that they last longer on the shelf and so that the color is more attractive and they are suspected to cause cancer. Plus processed ANYTHING is always super terrible for those seeking to lose weight.

If you are caught without any food or have nothing planned, you can always go with a veggie sandwich on whole wheat from a sub shop chain. This isn’t the best option, but it is better than these other processed or fast foods.

A tuna salad sandwich isn’t great because most mayonnaise is made of some pretty junkie ingredients, but a tuna salad on wheat or rye is perhaps the next choice.

Finally, if you do have to do a hamburger, skip processed cheese and skip the french fries.

Don’t EVER consider a soft drink or other sugary drink.

In my opinion, the hamburger option every once in a while is end of the world, but many health enthusiasts would probably disagree with me.

My complete guide to weight loss can be found here – it’s free.

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