Everybody’s Wrong – Beginning Bloggers Should NOT Try to Build Links


Did you say do NOT try to get links to my blog? What are you taking about?

Common strategy and research shows that backlinks are the biggest factor for ranking above competition.

That’s true.

But like the title says, beginners should not TRY to add links or create link building strategies of any kind.

The primary reason for this is that your content (each page you write) will attract a certain amount of NATURAL backlinks that you didn’t ask for. How many natural links you get will depend on how good the content is.

When you try to force more links than the content “deserves” you are not setting yourself up for long term success.

In fact, link building may even likely end up HURTING you in Google’s results, as they are often unnatural. The time you spend trying to get these links is better spent on simply writing natural content and improving your writing skills.

The links will, as they should, find their way to your content on their own.

Backlinks according to Adam Carolla and Captain Kirk

why you should not build linksI remember I was listening to the Adam Carolla Podcast (I’ve been a big fan of Adam since “Loveline”) where he was interviewing William Shatner.

One of Adams best friends, Jimmy Kimmel, had his career just recently leap frog ahead of Carolla’s. Carolla was not jealous in a bad way toward his friend, but he has always been frustrated that, as hard as he worked, he could not get that “big break”.

If anything, Carolla went form LA radio morning host to cable TV and then he slipped kind of backwards into “only” being the king of podcasts.

Anyway, Adam was complaining that he was “not where he deserved to be”, as compared to others that were not nearly as talented as he thought he was.

Shatner told him, “actually, Adam, you are EXACTLY where you deserve to be. Everyone is…”.

Only take backlinks that you and your content deserves

Shatner’s advice is true of us and our blogging, too. You will write at a certain skill and interest level. You will attract links, in the long run, these will come in EXACTLY as you deserve them. If you are a crappy writer, you will not get many good links.

If you ask for them, you may get some, but this is not a viable long-term solution. The links will not be relevant or they will not last. You are only “tricking the system”. This is not a viable solution to long term blogging profits. That’s not how the universe works.

C’mon – you know that. It’s a basic principle.

Google will update until your link building schemes are out of the picture (or to a more natural rank). They are RELENTLES about providing the user with an honest experience. It is only a matter of time before you slip backward into where you “deserve” to be.

The good news – you do not need to build your own links

You are MUCH better off spending time improving your content and improving your writing skills than you are trying to trick the system and build unnatural links.

The good news is that both of these are relatively easy things to improve. Bad writers can become great writers with practice. Keep at it. You will get enough small-time impressions to where it will not take too long for great content to get noticed and linked to – without asking. Look at this article, for example. I do not do any keyword research or link building, and here you are reading it.

All it takes is a couple of great pages and, next thing you know, you have page rank flowing strongly through your entire array of pages. Just write – and write well. If you writing is not so well at first, it can get much better with effort.

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