Blogging and Writing Web Pages for Profit

How to blog and write web pages for profit. Forget SEO and optimization and think long term. Write for your readers and secure your future.

Think for the long term

Thinking for the long term is first on the list because it is the most important. It takes a very long time to make money by writing websites. You have to build up your content, develop your writing skills, wait until your site get’s powerful links from other sites, and give search engines time to trust you as an authority in your categories.

If you need money now, get a job or write for others. There is no instant gratification in writing web pages for profit.

You also can’t take shortcuts by trying to over optimize a page in hopes of a better rank. It’s only a matter of time before the search engine updates adjust your tactics out of the picture. Write for your reader, not for the search engines, and your posts will stand the test of time.

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Run your blogging as a business

The obvious problem with writing pages for others is that you will always be limited in how much income you can make by how many hours you work. In the mean time, the company that hired you will eventually begin to make passive income off of YOUR work.

In my opinion, go do something else for work and blog part time, but consistently as a hobby. A few years later and your future self will be thanking you.

Plus when you write for others instead of yourself, your “heart will not be in it”. It is important to give your writing your full attention because you want to become a REALLY good writer through practice. You will want to be “close” to your content so you can see what compels others to read and enjoy your material and what doesn’t.

When you work for others for an average wage, you will not feel very much motivation towards giving your best. Your results will be mediocre.

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Develop and improve your writing skills

Great writing is more a skill than it is a gift.

As you practice, you will likely get better and better at it. Modern search engines reward the best writers because the search engines are mostly focused on user experience. As these algorithms continue to evolve, there will be little need for optimization.

In the future, the only sites that will remain standing are those created by great writers who’s readers either enjoy or find extreme value from reading.

So write a lot, and put serious effort toward writing well and improving on your writing style. Much of your work might end up being average, but you will probably write a few masterpieces along the way too.

When one of your best pages takes off, it empowers your entire site.

Here’s how to get back into writing after a long break.

Write a certain amount each day

blogging for profit for beginnersHow much your write depends on your free time. You should be able to handle writing 300 words per day for 5 days a week, even if you work full time and have other social obligations.

You will have to sacrifice something, however.

Usually, for most young people, it’s video games.

My advice is to not go crazy here. If you have 6 hours of free time, write for 3 hours and relax for 3 hours. Great writing is demanding and you do not want to burn yourself out.

Remember, it is going to take a LONG time before you see any meaningful profits. With 1 free hour, you should be able to knock out much more than 300 words per day.

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Don’t waste time on search engine optimization

It’s a trap.

The search engines, with Google in the lead as always, is CONSTANTLY updating their programming to provide rewarding experiences to their users.

Any optimization is likely to become obsolete, and then so will be your profits.

Forget keyword research, just write for the user.

Forget “how many words per post”, just write for the user.

Forget building links, leaving comments for links, optimum website structure, internal linking structures, etc.

The only thing you should be concerned about is your user.

Write so that you are either helping them or entertaining them and for no other reasons.

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How to create a blog

Go to Blue Host and Find a Domain name. Pick a shared hosting program so you can host multiple domains on the same site. Set up a WordPress blog and start writing. No need to make things complicated or expensive.

Finding a good domain name, however, is difficult to say the least. You need something that has not been used, does not belong to someone else, has a “brand-like” catchiness to it, and is somewhat clever. This will take some time.

One very important piece of advice is to sleep on it before you commit. What seems so cool right now might seems dumb to you tomorrow.

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Run ads on your completed pages

There is no shame in running ads on your site, but it needs to be done tastefully. Remember, it is all about the user, and no one likes commercials. You can use this page as an example. It is not over-optimized with ads. There is one toward the top of the page and one at the bottom. I might miss some conversions like this, but I’m in it for the long term.

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