Beginning Bloggers Should Write a Small Amount of Words – Every Day

Beginning bloggers will see greater success by making it a goal to write every day, but not to write too much each day. This habit creates a “creative chain”, avoids procrastination, avoids distraction, and increases production.

The great things about using this method to stay motivated is that it works with all personality types, it’s super easy to follow, it leads you to on the path to success, and search engines reward the consistency.

Jerry Seinfeld popularized writing every day

It is fairly common knowledge among writers that Jerry Seinfeld swears by this method.  He would put a big red X on his calendar on the days that he wrote a minimum amount of material.

Seeing these X marks string together after many days in a row would make him feel great about himself and his accomplishment, galvanizing his momentum and confidence in his own production.

It is clear to see why creating a habit of witting everyday (and logging it) will be a production and motivation booster for most writers, but beginning bloggers should also make a habit of not writing too much every day.

The benefits of not writing too much every day

Obviously, it avoids burnout – which can quickly become a serious problem among new writers and lead to writer’s block.

Also, importantly, knowing that you only need to write a few words, such as 200 or 300, makes it so much easier for you to begin.

With no pressure, you are free to write an excellent and “rich in content” segment to a new page or blog post. You will not “dread” slogging through 2000 words or some other compulsive and perhaps ridiculous goal.

We are in an internet age in where search engines have started to reward quality over quantity. Since links to your site are still important, better content will lead to more and better back-links.

Most importantly, blogging for profit is NOT a “get rich quick” endeavor. It’s totally the opposite. You have no choice but to shoot for the long term. With this method, your website will be looking great in 1, 3, and 5 years from now. Realizing this is one of the major keys to success.

But a bit of quantity is nice too, and 300 words or so does not seem like that much, but it will really add up quick. In three months of writing every day you will have 27,000 words of high quality copy on file. That’s a lot of pages or posts.

Oops, it looks like I’m done for the day. I’ll move on to cleaning things up, editing existing content, and backing up my pages now.

writing every day

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