Anxiety, Spasms, Shaking, and Passing Out Before Bowel Movements

Do you suffer from crazy, TERRIBLE, and unpleasant feelings before you go number two? You are not alone. Read more.

Many people of all ages and backgrounds complain of TERRIBLE symptoms prior to pooping. These symptoms include anxiety, feeling lightheaded, ringing in the ears, extreme nausea, feeling insanely hot, violent shaking, feeling faint, and syncope (passing out completely).

The frequency of these episodes might be every few years or every few days.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please check with your physician right away or call for help.

While it is true that these symptoms could be form a sinister underlying problem, in many of us that are otherwise healthy, this experience is probably not that big of a deal. “Not that big of a deal?” you might be thinking, “I feel like I’m going to die and I have passed out cold on the floor!”.

Keep reading.

Anxiety, Shaking, and Fainting Before Bowel Movements

anxiety before bowel movement shaking and sweatingThis has happens to me from time to time, and I can honestly say it really freaks me out each time. The first couple of times I went right to the emergency room.

It starts with me lying in bead, half asleep. I start to feel a bit anxious and jumpy. I cant even think about falling (back) asleep at this point. Then I start shaking like crazy. I feel weak.

My gut spasms and gets extremely tight. I get so hot it seems like have 107 fever, but I have no fever. I’ve never felt so hot and I’ve never felt ANYTHING as uncomfortable.

I went to the kitchen, the first time it happened, to get a glass of water, and the next thing I know my wife is waking me up on the floor. She says she heard a thud and she found me laying there – totally unconscious. Off to the hospital.

Diagnosis?There’s nothing wrong with me.

Weeks later, after lots of tests (all negative) and lots of disapproving and disbelieving looks from my doctor and specialists (they think I’m nuts), I have pretty much figured out that it is only a response form the vagus nerve, which runs through the digestive system, among many other things.

The symptoms are caused by an over-active colon bearing down on the nerve – much like someone passes out when they get a shot or see blood. Technically it may be called “defecation syncope”, but that term is mostly used for very unhealthy people with underlying problems causing the issue.

Most doctors will not call it that or recognize this as a condition at all in healthy patients. Perhaps this is due to their textbooks teaching them that it is a condition that happens to those that are seriously ill from other ailments, already in the hospital, and significantly weakened.

If you are a doctor reading this, please forgive me. I’m educated, but I’m obviously ignorant when it comes to writing about health.

All I know is that I’m a healthy person who passes out sometimes before I poop. And I know I’m not alone.

I find that these seem to come in “flare ups” which can be minimized by eating super healthy, avoiding overdoing it with fired foods, and getting lots of exercise.

Although this is not foolproof. Sometimes I get episodes even when I follow these healthy routines.

Recently, I’ve had the biggest failures when I eat a lot of wheat and sweets. Also just a little bit of caffeine can seem to set this off.

What to do When you are Going to Pass out Before a Bowel Movement

When I do get a bad episode, I drink room temperature water and I chew on some mild food, like rice. I elevate my legs and only tilt my torso and head up a little bit to help the food and water go down. I try to stay mostly as prone as possible with my legs up to prevent passing out. I certainly don’t want to hit my head on anything when I pass out. Then I crawl my way to the toilet, go number two, and within the next hour or so I feel much better and I can go to sleep.

So if you are experiencing this, I want you to go have it checked out – immediately – as in going to the emergency room if needed – but I do not want you to think that you are dying. As bad as it seems, there is probably nothing so life threatening about this condition. Just be sure to not hit you head on the way down if you pass out – that is probably the most dangerous thing about it.

There is comfort in numbers here. If you are experiencing something similar it would really help others if you shared your experiences in the comments. We appreciate that.

2 Replies to “Anxiety, Spasms, Shaking, and Passing Out Before Bowel Movements”

  1. I am 36 and just started having something similar. If I do in fact have dropping syndrome, then why now?? That’s my biggest question.
    I have found lots of info about not feeling well during or after a bowel movement, but not much about ill feelings BEFORE a bowel movement. I’m glad I’m not alone!

    1. Thanks for your comment Audra. I have a very similar history. Nothing until about 37 years old. Then it was bad for a few years – but not as bad lately at 52, especially after I quit sugar and caffeine.

      Hang in there!

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