More Amazing Me

This website is about self improvement.

The universe gave you the incredible gift of life.

Don’t waste it.

Be amazing.

more amazing meStrive to act in a way that creates a positive environment for all that you come in contact with.

The use of force or causing harm in any way is an act of weakness, not of strength.

Do your best to ease suffering for all of those around you.

If you can’t do that much, be sure not to cause suffering to those around you.

Weight Loss and Health

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Our Healthy Weight Loss Guide is the ultimate guide to simple, healthy, and lasting weight loss.

For the total weight loss beginner, we also feature an article here that explains how you can lose weight if you are totally new to the concept and you wish to start enjoying the benefits of living a more healthy life.

We also feature a section on health and well being where you can learn about, discuss, and find peace with selected medical issues, such as anxiety and IBS.


Were you interested in blogging for a living? Check out our blogging and writing web pages for profit section. We take the ultra-white hat approach to creating successful long-term online writing careers. You CAN be good at blogging if you have the desire and the discipline.

Business and Personal Finance

Business management, time management, money and investing, stock  and options trading, writing, morals and ethics, leadership.

Did you know that I am a successful stock and options trader and that I run a small hedge-fund? It’s true. I don’t teach trading, I’d rather just trade, but I love to write about it. Check out why you will fail at trading.

A More Amazing You

Dealing with family members that frustrate you.

Five quick thoughts that will make you more patient with your family.

Spirituality, confidence, likability, motivation, listening.

Five steps to stopping your road rage.


Skyrim builds that are not boring